Thursday, October 20, 2016

Driving Meltdown

     If you haven't noticed yet, I'm a teenager and still learning some basic life skills: like driving. Driving has been quite difficult and stressful for me. See, I'm old enough to have my license but due to laziness I've had to wait an additional seven months to take the test. In my brain I thought that I'd be a pro, but in reality my driving is more likely to give you psychological damage than to get you to your destination. Two days ago my dad decided to take me on a practice drive to pick up my siblings from school. It sounded easy enough, so I hopped in the car with excitement that someone was finally letting me drive. Before we went to my sibling's school, we had to fill up on some gas. This is where I made my first mistake, panicked, and demanded that my dad should take over the wheel. Turning into the station requires a left turn and then a u-turn. It sounds easy, but was nerve racking with four cars waiting behind me and being told last minute. I ended up panicking and asking my dad which way to turn, even when I could see the gas station and knew what I should of done, cue the cars behind me honking and me demanding my dad to switch seats with me and repeating that I didn't want to drive.
      No such luck for me, my dad said he wasn't moving and that I should get back in the driving seat. Sighing, I hopped in and continued on the way to my brother's school. This is where I didn't see a left turning lane and still turned, almost hit a car in front of me, missed a left turn due to a lack of time to turn into a lane, and had turned before a motorcycle at a 4 way intersection who had the right of way and was forced to slowly trail behind me for at least five minutes. Needless to say, I was rightfully feeling like a shitty driver. I allowed the tears to stream down my face after having repressed them since the gas station. My dad could tell that I was stressed and promised to switch with me as soon as we stopped at target. This wasn't before I hit a curb while turning right and lost my mind over parking.
     There is no moral of this story, except maybe I need to calm the fuck down when driving and practice a lot more. If I actually do get my license, I'll make sure to update you all.

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